Friday, 26 August 2011

Who should celebrate Independence day ?

- Nehru family has a reason to celebrate Independence day because we have donated India to their family post independence. 

- All the corrupted politicians who become millionaires & billionaires has the reason to celebrate Independence day because nowhere they can make these kind of money so easily

- All the Lazy Government staff who does nothing in their job has the reason to celebrate Independence day because they are paid free money

Those who swallowed all the money & responsible for where  we are today will get angry to hear this truth.

I don't understand why a common man like me who suffers with drainage water mixing in drinking watergarbage around housebad roads & no proper electricity celebrate Independence day. 
We got freedom. 
We got freedom from what ? 
We got freedom to do corruption, We got freedom to be irresponsible, We got freedom to sit idle.

See the garbage in a place where 2400 sq. ft. of plot is sold for more than 1 Crore. After 64 years of Independence, we still haven't learned how to lay roads, how to keep under ground drainage & how to manage garbage. If we are not capable enough to figure out that, why we need Independence. Why can't we just accept someone who is good enough to do all these rule our  country ?
Long live India. Long live corruption. Long live corrupted politicians.
Photos of Garbage taken on 16th Aug 2011. One day post Independence day. If  part of the money & energy spent on celebrating Independence day was spent on this, we will have better quality of life.

Drainage water was mixing in drinking water in Velechery. From that time, the below man-whole was opened ( kept open for a year with 3 iron rods placed like inverted triangle & recently closed with polls on top ) on the middle of a 3 road junction for more than 2 years. Is this the only solution for that problem ? Is there no other solution than just blocking the road like this ?

Have a close up view of our outstanding solution to this problem.


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